exterior design.

Design your own



"Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway."


- Coco Chanel -



ZAND is the very definition of what design can do for a compact production ready sports car. From the wings on the c-pillars to the door hinges, we were uncompromising during the development of the exterior and its tiniest design details.







Watch the trailerZAND was designed to be a true powerhouse. Experience ZAND come to life in the trailer.   


Efficiently excellent

From the very first sketch on, efficiency has been at the core of the design of ZAND.

Not only the air-intakes function as, well, air-intakes. The head-light recesses do so as well. -To keep everything cool and stuff.


Design your own

There is a wide range of finishes specially designed for ZAND. Design your own and surprise yourself.