Summer 2017

   Le Roof is presented to the public and local politicians and becomes the center of praise
and criticism
 In the media:Regio PurmerendDiscussion Post
   ZAND is presented
to the public
 In the media:AutoRAI

          Spring 2017

   iPhone SE 2017 design concept is released In the media:iCultureAppletips   Purmerend ♥ is presented to the public and local politicians In the media:D66 press release     I Kong is presented to the public Check the video   Running In The Park is released on the iOS App Store In the media:Regio Purmerend

          Winter 2016

     Be The Pinkpop is presented tot the public and MOJO In the media:Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences    KLM Flying Dutchman Assistant is presented to KLM and the public In the media:Regio Purmerend

          Summer 2016

    Swan is published on "De Architect" In the media:De Architect  Swan is presented to local politicians, stakeholders and
the public
 In the media:Noordhollands DagbladPurmerend LeeftDirk Groot - P.L.
   Swan is being shared in the media and becomes subject of praise and criticism In the media:Regio PurmerendD66 press release

          Spring 2016

    RUE 01 is presented to the public Watch the video


    UPWARD Bluetooth Speaker is presented to the public Watch the video    Maison de la Démence is presented to the public Watch the videoM.d.l.D explained


   Nintendo ♥ AppleA prediction in which Apple
and Nintendo join forces.
This will later become a reality.
 In the media:Appletips


    "Like sugar snow fell down from the sky."




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