PinkpopWe made Pinkpop accessible to a
younger audience.










The new PinkpopMillennials love content with a good story.
We made Pinkpop accessible to a younger
audience by creating an understandable subbrand:
"Be The Pinkpop." This  increases the brand awareness of Pinkpop.












Over forty teams participated. During the
"Pitch Party" we presented "Be The Pinkpop"  alongside the others teams. Afterwards Mojo (Pinkpop) called our team and product the best.











A bolder spectrum



Pinkpop makes use of the characteristic colors of
yellow and pink. In between these colors lies a great diversity of hues. We made use of these colors
at the development of the "Be The Pinkpop" brand.





Personalized aftermovies
We encouraged visitors to make as many videos and photographs at Pinkpop as they could. Afterwards, the Pinkpop app checks which content was made at the festival. It then combines
the photographs and videos the visitors shot
with content Pinkpop shot to create
a personalized aftermovie.