KLMA better personal assistant on the go.









New experiencesIn order to stay relevant, KLM needs to be
where their customers are. This is why we've designed the Flying  Dutchman app.
It delivers the very best and most unique travel experience, right here in the palm of your hand.






Inspire to travelThe Flying Dutchman is proactive. You simply tab the bubbles you like. The algorithm then calculates the best travel suggestions available to you.    











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Ready before you areThe Flying Dutchman constantly knows in which state of travel you are. Whether you're checking in or when you've just landed; the app always shows relevant information. The result of this is less clutter and a more streamlined traveling experience.









 Next generation
Frequent Flyer's
We wanted to bring KLM to the attention
among young people. In order to succeed,
we developed a Snapchat filter. When used,
they could win a trip with friends.